Beware! The Web is Haunted!

...there are innumerable ghostwriters hovering around the World Wide Web.
Have you ever heard of a ghostwriter? Spooky as it sounds, there are innumerable ghostwriters hovering around the World Wide Web. They are difficult to spot, and yet they write most of the content you read. Now, before this get's bizarre, let's try to do some explaining.

Who is a Ghostwriter?
A ghostwriter is a commercial writer who writes on behalf of another person. You pay the ghostwriter and the copyrights become yours.

Whom do Ghostwriters write for?
Ghostwriters write for celebrities, online marketers and even for bloggers. Most celebrities have their personal blogs. However, they do not write for these blogs. They hire ghostwriters to write their blog posts on their behalf. Fans respond to these blog posts knowing little that the celebrity rarely glances at the blog.

So, if you are following that well known personality, guess who's writing the tweets.

Why do people hire Ghostwriters?
Some people have great ideas, but the lack writing skill. Others are good at writing but lack the time. Hiring a ghostwriter can help you add new content to your blog or website, and maintain your readers' interest.This means more visitors, and ultimately, more income. No wonder some people invoke the services of ghosts, I mean ghostwriters.

What else do Ghostwriters write?
Ghostwriters write web content, autobiographies, marketing newsletters, ezines,books, novels, forums,reviews, social networking posts and yes, even tweets. So, if you are following that well known personality, guess who's writing the tweets.

Is it ethical to hire a Ghostwriter?
Ghostwriting is one type of outsourcing, and no industry can do without outsourcing. Therefore ghostwriting is a perfectly acceptable practice.

At the moment, I don't see the need for hiring a ghostwriter. I love to write my blog posts, even though I don't write frequently. I'll think about hiring a ghostwriter the day I make tons of money from my blog and the day I'm too busy to write.

Would you hire a Ghostwriter to write your blog?
Let's discuss...




busstoped said...

Hiring a writer for my blog is not something I am Thinking of Doing just yet.

I will have to wait until it becomes Popular so they can be under lot's of pressure. I wonder How much people are paid to Write blog posts anyway I think most of them don't earn much but if you are good at writing it is worth a try.

ContentScoop said...

I know of ghostwriters who write a lot of stuff. They are writing all the time because there is so much work. Now, these are the lucky ones, and they charge quite a high amount for their services. On the other side of the spectrum, there are so many writers who are out of work.

Many corporates and businesses have their own blogs, and they are the ones who hire ghostwriters. However, individual bloggers such as you and me would prefer to write our own blog posts.

Hey, all the best with your blog!

busstoped said...

I Agree but I think if you are writing about a product it's much easier than what we have to write. This is because there is a goal to the post. We are just writing hoping that someone reads our posts.

ContentScoop said...

Writing about a product entails a lot of other stuff. For eg., the writer has to maintain a certain keyword density in order to be found on search engines. That is the whole idea of hiring a professional writer.

The goal is to be seen on search engines and get more visitors, and eventually, get more sales.

These writers do keyword research. Therefore they kind of know the keywords that are in demand. Some of these writers are well versed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. That is why they charge.

busstoped said...

I done some Research and it's about $24 for an Article could you earn that back with one post?

ContentScoop said...

Great job on your research. Yes, writers are paid as low as $2 or as high as $30 for a 500 word article. However it would make no sense to pay a writer that much unless you own an online store or some kind of an online business. Yes, people with online businesses hire ghostwriters and make up for the fees they pay in terms of the business they get.

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