Why do I Hate My Life?

"I hate my life!"

This is something everyone has said once in a while. Well, there are others who say it all the time!
Remember the time
when dreams were young
and spirits were high!
As the years roll on, it suddenly hits you that life has turned out to be different from what you had dreamed of. You suddenly wake up to the realization that you are lagging behind. A sense of frustration may try to creep in, but you somehow keep the flame burning in the hope that your dream may come to pass some day.

You say to yourself, "It has not happened yet, but it will happen." You put on the better-late-than-never attitude and talk yourself into thinking positive. That's all nice and fine; however, you must never lose touch of reality.

There's something inside you saying, "I hate my life!" but you stifle that voice and try to put up a bold front.

How Life Turned Out To Be 
Yeah, all you guys would love to be tall and muscular; have more money in your pockets and more hair on your heads. Girls wish they'd never have to cross 17 and would love to freeze into timeless beauties (a little exaggeration here).

Remember the time when dreams were young and spirits were high! You had dreamed to reach the skies. However, time and tide have left their unsightly marks. Life has taken its coarse, making you submit to its devices.

If life did not turn out the way it did,
you would be half the person you are today
and twice the weakling you were yesterday.

When Dreams Don't Turn Into Reality
When dreams don't turn into reality, don't say, "I hate my life!"

Rather ask yourself the following questions:
  • Was I a realistic dreamer, or just a mellow eyed dreamer?
  • Did I have a game plan?
  • How hard did I work towards my goals?
  • Am I willing to continue working hard?
When Life's not going Your Way
When life's not going your way, there are a few things that you must realize:
  • You've tried your best
  • It's not your fault
  • You cannot reverse the course of life
  • You may be standing at the TURNING POINT OF YOUR LIFE
So don't say, "I hate my life!"

Remember that if life did not turn out the way it did, you would be half the person you are today and twice the weakling you were yesterday.

You will soon see that
the things you can control
far outweigh the things you can't.

What to Do
So what must one do? Worry about it? If worrying would make an inkling of a difference, it would be time to start a worry club. However, there are better things to do.

First let's accept it: You cannot control everything!!!

If you think that you can control every aspect of your life just as you have read in those self help books, it's time to get real. The truth is that you can't !

Rather, focus on things that you can control. Take a piece of paper and write down just 10 things that are in your control- simple and straightforward things. You will soon see that the things you can control far outweigh the things you can't.

10 Things That I Can Control
  1. Sleep on time and wake up early
  2. Make time to exercise
  3. Buy a new set of clothes
  4. Visit the beauty parlor
  5. Look for a new job
  6. Don't delay things for tomorrow
  7. Make a phone call to someone special
  8. Strive to be the best spouse you can be
  9. Say "Sorry", "Thank You", "I Love You"
  10. Add to this list...
Some of us need to keep pursuing our dreams while some of us need to start afresh! Do whatever it takes to stop saying, "I hate my life," and you will realize that there's much more to life than what you can perceive.

August 31, 2009

    How I Added the "Tweet this!" Button

    Just joined Twitter! Better late than never!

    Still learning the ropes :-)

    Well, I thought one thing that would be cool is to give my readers an opportunity to add my blog posts to their twitter page. So I decided to add this cute little "tweet this!" button below my posts. It's kind of tiny and sits at the bottom without interfering with my posts. So it does not steal the show.

    The very first thing I did
    was to take a backup of my template
    I contacted one of my blogger expert friends, and he helped me to get it done.

    How I did it:
    Step #1
    I went to my Blogger Dashboard>Layout>Edit HTML.

    The very first thing I did was to take a backup of my template, just in case I did something wrong and all the cute little tweaks I managed on my template would disappear. I would no way be able to get my blog to look the same again.  

    Step #2
    Next, I checked the "Expand Widget Templates" Box and then began my tinkering.

    I searched for this code:

    Note: The above code appears only after checking the "Expand Widget Templates" Box. 

    Step #3

    Once I located the above code, i pasted the following code below it:

    Step #4
    Before saving my newly tweaked template, I clicked on "Preview." This step is just to check for errors. If you see the preview of your blog, your code is correct. If you do not see the preview, something is wrong with the code and your new template will not be saved.

    Note: You will not see your "tweet this!" button in the preview. So don't be disheartened.

    Step #5
    Next, click on "Save Template" and then on "View Blog."


    The button looks like this:

    If you cannot see it at the bottom of my post, click on the post header or title and you will see it. Got some fine tuning to do...

    So dear friends, countrymen, readers,...! Please click on the button if you find my posts worth the time spent on my blog. If not, I look forward to learning from you.

    August 29, 2009

    What Happened to My Nav Bar?

    Well, nothing happened; I removed it!
    Honestly, the only relevant word in that piece of HTML code
    that I understand
    is "navbar."
    Now, although I am not a programmer, and my knowledge of HTML is almost zilch, I somehow managed to get it done. Ask me how I did it, and wouldn't be explain matters more than a child could explain how the toys were all scattered. I somehow managed to do it!

    Now all you blogging geeks would laugh at me. That's OK! After all, I learned this from one of you.

    How I did it:
    I went to my blogger dashboard>Layout>Edit HTML and just inserted the following piece of HTML code in my blogger template between the head-head tags:

    #navbar-iframe {
       display: none !important;

    Don't I sound like an expert? Honestly, the only relevant word in that piece of HTML code that I understand is "navbar."

    One of you expert bloggers told me that there is nothing explicitly mentioned in the Google terms against hiding the Nav Bar. Should you point out to me that Google would get angry, I'll put the Nav Bar back on right away. After all, no one wants to be on the wrong side of the terms framed by the mighty search engine giant Google.

    August 27, 2009

    Lessons from Moonwalker Jackson

    Michael Jackson glittering comment from FLMNetwork.com
    Moonwalker Jackson stands as an example of both extremes -
    what to do and what not to do!
    King of Pop, Moonwalker Jackson, Jacko, Jacko Wacko; he was known by many a name. An era and a life span full of roaring fame that cannot be matched up to. He lived a lifestyle that many would look down upon, and yet he was a star that many would look up to. A lovable icon; a man riddled by controversies and a character that looked far from human, he made news everywhere he went. No matter how people viewed him, he was a pop star who is known to give a new definition to music and dance.

    Moonwalker Jackson stands as an example of both extremes - what to do and what not to do!

    What to Do
    His talent got noticed at the tender age of six. He shot to fame when he gifted the world with the lilting beats of Beat It, the thrill of Thriller and the full-fledged bass of Billy Jean, as he moon walked on a glittering dance floor back in 1983. He was passionate, creative and different. No wonder every performance was euphoric. He gave more than a 100 percent in whatever he did, and he skyrocketed to the epitome of success in half his life span, something that takes a lifetime for many, if at all.

    What Not to Do
    The latter half of his life, however, saw many episodes of controversy, including child abuse. He lived a private life that most people seemed to loathe. When success came, they say, he could not contain it. Moonwalker Jackson began to assume an image that his fame had created for him- an image that was larger than life. He tried to rise above the tenets of humanity and conventional confines of society. Having altered his natural nose structure and the color of his skin, he attempted to put on a profile that he thought would go well with the masses. Sadly, his new powdered look and his tired voice, displayed a sense of waning as he became “Bad” and “Dangerous.” The downward spiral had begun.
    If you had the gift of song and dance,
    and yet had to deal with the trauma
    of being physically and emotionally abused as a child,
    how different would you be from the King of Pop?
    In conclusion, let’s not judge Moonwalker Jackson, but learn from him. If you had the gift of song and dance, and yet had to deal with the trauma of being physically and emotionally abused as a child, how different would you be from the King of Pop? There was mystery in the way Moonwalker Jackson lived and died- something that every human being can take home a lesson from, about what to do and what not to do.

    August 24, 2009

    How to Read the Mind of a Person from an Email Message

    Emails have become the norm for communication and interaction. They are lightning fast (or at least they seem to be) and everyone prefers them to snail mail.

    ‘You can actually read the mind of a person
    by reading his or her email.’
    Everyone, young and old, has an email ID. At the dawn of the Internet age, my foremost activity was to get an email ID, and I know it’s the same for many. Those were the days! You could write to anyone across the miles, and get a quick response. Nowadays, social networking and chat are ruling the roost. However, email is just indispensable.

    Have you ever wondered
    how the person on the other side
    knew what you were thinking
    just by reading your email?

    Email has ever since become a medium of expression for many. You can actually read the mind of a person by reading his or her email.

    I usually express more on an email message than I would do in person. This is not because I’m a techie freak. It’s just that I can express myself better because (slow that I am) I know that an email need not be written in a hurry. Also, I have the advantage of writing out my heart without any interruption. Writing is an overflow of the heart for most people, and I am one of them.

    Have you ever wondered how the person on the other side knew what you were thinking just by reading your email? That’s probably because the person knows the secret of how to read the mind of the person behind the email.

    Find out what they are not saying,
    what they are implying;
    their intentions and contentions.

    You can not only read the mind of the email sender but also judge the thoughts and attitudes. Find out what they are not saying, what they are implying; their intentions and contentions. Now, although what I write is not rocket science, it does carry a lot of weight. Do some research and you will see…

    So how do you read the mind of a person from an email message? Here’s how:

    Yes, there are some who are very cold and
    yet can write a warm salutation.

    1. Read the Mind from the Salutation
    You can tell a lot about how the person feels about you from the salutation. You can feel the affection in “My dear Amanda” or “Dear Sean.” You will feel well greeted by a “Hello Stephanie” or a “Hey Carl.” You can feel a strong bond when you read, “Dearest Doug.”

    The message that “Dearest Sugar” or “Honey bunch” conveys reaches straight to the heart of the gooey eyed reader.

    Yes, there are some who are very cold and yet can write a warm salutation. You will soon be able to read right through them as you read the message body.

    You can tell when someone is indirectly asking a question,
    pushing you to approve a deal or
    implying something.

    2. Read the Mind from the Message Body
    A friend of mine would spell check his email message twice, just in case there was a typo or a grammatical error. Or maybe a comma needs to be placed somewhere. Introducing…the perfectionist!

    Another friend in her teens would write, “hey how r u. I’m wid ma friends n enjoying d party. Cud u pls tell Jason Im sry I missd hs bday.” Shall we call her Miss Cool Girl? I must admit that it took me quite a while to decipher that.

    Then there’s another friend who writes thus, “Hey thanks for your email I enjoyed reading it I hope to get back in touch.” How could anyone fail to notice the absence of punctuation? No, this is not a proofreader’s nightmare. I feel such individuals have a sense of confidence about themselves and do not believe in putting up false faces. Surely enough, this friend of mine is the most honest guy I know. (And yes, such writing can even come from a bloke who’s never been through high school)

    Then there are those cheeky chums who would write, “Should I consider it done?” or “I was wondering what your salary is.” You can tell when someone is indirectly asking a question, pushing you to approve a deal or implying something. Yes, you read the mind of that marketer right!

    3. Read the Mind from the Complimentary Close
    “With Love”, “God bless”, “Take care”, will tell you that the person is quite close to you (or at least pretending to be).

    There is a business associate who just writes –Timothy (hyphen Timothy). How very cold and business like…

    “Cheers” is the byline of a happy go lucky person; or what would you say about, “luv”, “kisses”…? Hey, hey, let your mind not drift...I’m not done yet.

    ...whether you receive a reply or not,
    you can still read the mind of the person

    4. Read the Mind from the Time Taken to Reply
    A quick reply tells you that the person loved to hear from you. A reply after a few days indicates deliberation and obligation. If you are being made to wait longer, it shows apathy, a lack of interest, reluctance to continue on the topic or rejection.

    I have had those no reply waits from employers, business associates, friends and relatives. It kind of breaks your heart. Well, it’s best to allow people to make their own choices.

    So whether you receive a reply or not, you can still read the mind of the person and gain some insight into an imminent solution.

    August 21, 2009

    Self Confidence Building Tips

    The world around us dictates to us about how we should think and act. The media influences us to a great extent, and to add to all this, our friends and relatives lay out the commandments which we must abide by. As a result there is a war raging within us- a war between what we want to be and what others want us to be. This takes its toll on our self image and ultimately on our self confidence.

    'there is a war raging within us-
    a war between what we want to be
    and what others want us to be'
    The following self confidence building tips will help you in five ways:
    1) To rediscover yourself
    2) To develop a deep sense of self respect
    3) To stop feeling guilty about who you are
    4) To express to the world who you truly are
    5) To make the right choices in keeping with your character

    Redefine Your Self Image
    You can’t make everyone happy. If you try to please your friends, partner and family, you may end up getting frustrated. You can’t hold yourself responsible for the way everyone feels about you. So stop defining your self image by what others say, and define it according to what pleases you. Self confidence building begins with being what you want to be, and not what others want you to be.

    Redefine your Public Image
    Your self image is how you view yourself, but your public image is how you want others to view you. If you build an artificial public image based on the expectations and ideals of others, you will struggle to live up to it. This will lead to unhappiness and low self esteem. Self confidence building involves giving up the artificial image and being real. Show the world what you really are, whether they like it or not.

    Know and Develop Your Gift
    If you have suppressed any talent so far, it’s time to develop it. It need not be something great and glorious, but something as simple as the art of cartooning or writing. That’s your gift to the world. Use your strengths to excel in your personal and your professional relationships. Your gift can contribute to a great extent in the self confidence building process.

    Focus on Your Strengths
    Once you are no longer afraid to be real, people will see your weaknesses. That’s OK. Everyone has their weakness. Don’t focus on your weaknesses, but rather focus on your strengths. You will see that your strengths far outweigh your weaknesses, bringing in a positive frame of mind and increasing your self confidence.

    Redefine Your Idea of Success
    If becoming the President of America meant success for Obama, success could mean something entirely different to you. This does not mean that you must not think big. It just means that you must not compare your definition of success to that of others. Success could mean achieving something that makes you and your loved ones happy. Self confidence building involves redefining what success means to you.
    'It does not come naturally.
    You must make it happen!'
    In conclusion, self confidence building has a lot to do with being happy. Also, it does not come naturally. You must make it happen. If you follow the above mentioned tips, you will find yourself being a happy and confident person.

    How to Rewrite an Article

    Let me begin by saying that you must rewrite only your own copyrighted articles. Rewriting someone else’s articles amounts to plagiarism, and writers are known to be original dudes.

    Now, why would someone want to rewrite an article? Doesn’t that sound silly? Once upon a time articles were written only to correct flaws and inconsistencies. Nowadays the reasons can be different.

    Here are some reasons for rewriting your articles:
    1) To post a different version of your original work on newsletters and other websites
    2) To incorporate hot keywords into your existing articles and make them search engine friendly
    3) To give your web content a new look
    4) To improvise on your original article
    'Don’t lose the message,
    purpose and
    the call for action'
    Now a few tips on how to rewrite an article:
    Read the entire article and make a note of the key points and important keywords.
    Don’t lose the message, the purpose and the call for action.

    1) Retain
    a) The central idea
    b) The essence and feel of the article
    c) Important keywords

    2) Recreate
    a) The heading
    b) The sub heading
    c) The Illustrations, metaphors and analogies
    d) The action lines

    3) Rewrite
    Now that you have the entire article in your mind, begin to rewrite the ideas paragraph by paragraph.

    If you create new ideas see to it that they blend with the central idea without overpowering it. Feel free to change the style to suit a different clique of readers. It’s your article after all. Look for ways to improvise your original article

    Each paragraph must contain no more than 3 to 5 sentences. Each paragraph must emphasize on only a single point. Every consecutive paragraph must follow in logical order and must build momentum.
    'Emphasize on the message or
    purpose of the original article'
    Conclude by summarizing the entire article and providing information or solutions, whatever the purpose of the article may be. Emphasize on the message or purpose of the original article.

    4 Keys to Writing Mesmerizing Content

    Writing content is more than just putting down your thoughts on paper, or publishing it onto a website. Just cranking up an article for the heck of it will create no momentum.
    'there are times
    when you sit there like a dumb duck,
    staring into thin air'
    No matter how quick you are at conjuring up some lip smacking writing ideas, you will have to admit that there are times when you sit there like a dumb duck, staring into thin air.

    What is to be done when you face the writer’s mind block?

    1) Create a Thought Bank
    A thought bank is nothing but a diary where you write down every noteworthy thought that comes to your mind. Remember that thousands of ideas cross your mind every hour- writing ideas that could serve as solutions, information and inspiration. If you don’t stop and write them down right then, they will escape the confines of your mind in no time.

    So write them down. You don’t have to elaborate on them right away. Keep them handy and save them for a rainy day. If nothing else works, think about what drives you. What makes you tick? What are you passionate about? Get going with your writing ideas…
    'what makes you tick?'
    2) Create an Ambiance
    Choose the time and place where you will write. Early mornings and late nights are the best. That’s the time when there are no phone calls, no chores and no kids to take care of.

    Find an outdoor location where nature will stimulate your creative juices. If you write on your computer, keep your room free of all disturbances and distractions. Stay focused!

    3) Choose a Direction
    Brainstorm and write down everything that comes to your mind concerning that particular idea you want to write about.

    Now, don’t let yourself stray. Give your article direction and purpose by thinking about what your readers want to read. Think of what will meet needs; what will provide solutions; what will bring happiness; what will uplift; what will give purpose; what will send them on their way satisfied.
    'See it!
    Feel it!
    Write about it!'
    4) Chisel Out Your Masterpiece
    Now that you have a deposit of original writing ideas, you must rely on your ability to mold them into something worthwhile. Remember that you’ve done it before, and you’re going to do it again. You are Michelangelo and already have the statue of David to your credit. What’s next?

    Write to create pictures in the minds of your readers. Use your creativity. See it! Feel it! Write about it! It will create the same effect on your readers.

    Spanking Hot Tips to Make People Read Your Articles

    The internet is all about content, content and content. However, there is too much to read.
    'No one has the time these days!'
    How will you make a rambling reader stay? How will a focused reader dig for more?

    The problem is that no one loves to read through an entire article! No one has the time these days!

    If getting the reader’s attention is one of your woes, it need not be! With the right direction and mindset, you can write articles that will keep readers glued. How? Here’s how…

    Here are your SPANKING HOT tips to make people read your articles:

    1) Keep It Short: Keep every paragraph short. For that matter, keep the entire article short. No paragraph must be longer than 3 to 5 sentences. Some one sentence paragraphs may be all that the reader may to get the point.
    'Make it mind blowing
    and not mind boggling'
    2. Keep It Simple: Make it mind blowing and not mind boggling. Don’t throw in too many ideas. Stick to the main point. Too many points will keep your readers spinning. Reading must be a delight and not hard work. Use metaphors and illustrations to promote understanding of the topic.

    3. Use an Attention Grabbing Title: The title is what makes the reader stop and explore, even though time at hand may be short. This is the bait that will get the reader hooked on to your article. Appeal to their wants and their desires; strike those heartstrings; give them answers…all in one line: The Title

    4. Use Subheadings or Bulleted Points: Most readers skim through only the sub headings to get a taste of the pie. Sub headings will help you divide your article into neat bite sized pieces that are easy to chew on and digest. Let the sub headings proceed in a sequential and logical manner. This will give the reader the feeling that he is making good progress.

    5. Add a Touch of Humor: Who doesn’t want to laugh a bit? Having your funny bone tickled feels good and enlightens your spirit. Humor will keep them reading from start to finish. Make reading a pleasurable experience for them.
    'Don’t tell a plumber about a stethoscope,
    and a doctor about a pipe wrench'
    6. Make it Relatable: Don’t tell a plumber about a stethoscope, and a doctor about a pipe wrench. Articles that people can relate to and identify with are the most effective. They generate responses and clicks. Keep your tone warm and helpful.
    If you add these six essential ingredients to your articles, you will have your readers coming back for another bite.

    3 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Submitting To Article Directories

    To begin with, you must first work up your creative juices. Only then will your articles act as a bait to hook up multitudes of readers.
    People are digging for information
    left right and center.

    Modern technology allows you to market your websites or products using words that act like treasures. Words help you attract visitors to your website. Therefore article directories are getting popular by the day. People are digging for information left right and center.

    Before submitting your articles to article directories, you must avoid 3 common mistakes that most people make:
    Quality content
    will lead them to the resource box

    1. Don’t Make It Pushy
    Make your articles informative and solution oriented. Any effort to push your products will be sensed by the omniscient readers of today.

    Articles that offer solutions will be eagerly read by readers. Quality content will lead them to the resource box, which they will click for more details.
    Use the right keywords...
    without overusing them.

    2. Don’t Overuse Your Keywords
    Many enthusiastic writers tend to repeat their punch lines and their call for action. This produces a negative effect on readers. Use the right keywords and use them appropriately without overusing them.

    See to it that the keywords are relevant to the context of the article. This will not only get you more visitors but also yield better search engine results.
    ...never promise
    more than you can deliver.

    3. Don’t Mislead Your Readers
    Leading visitors to your website is just half the job. Keeping them there and making them act is the ultimate goal. Therefore never promise more than you can deliver.

    Being taken to a website that displays irrelevant content is the biggest turn off. You will lose credibility immediately.

    Helpful Tip: Find out what publishers want. All you need is one successful publisher who can transmit your content to thousands of readers at the bat of an eyelid.

    The Swine Flu Carnage– Will the Human Race Fight Back?

    ...when one is under the impression
    that “it’s just a flu ‼!”

    One nasty little virus, and the world is on its toes, trying to figure out how to keep it at bay. Why not? The H1N1 virus has proved to be a more than a blithering nuisance, proving fatal when one is under the impression that “it’s just a flu ‼!”

    Schools have been affected; airports are on red alert, and scientists are losing sleep over a vaccine. Although the H1N1 symptoms mimic those of common influenza, the virus does not delay in striking hard, shutting down the respiratory system, with the other systems to follow.

    The good news is that many are responding to treatment and are recovering. However, one thought provokes the mind. Will the H1N1 virus weaken us or make us stronger? Will the human race fight back and be victorious? Beyond a shadow of doubt!
    It is here to teach us
    an important lesson...

    In my opinion, the swine flu will only make us stronger. It is here to teach us an important lesson- not to take a simple thing such as washing our hands for granted.

    Keep fighting, humans. It’s just a virus!

    - ContentScoop
    August 15, 2009

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