3 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Submitting To Article Directories

To begin with, you must first work up your creative juices. Only then will your articles act as a bait to hook up multitudes of readers.
People are digging for information
left right and center.

Modern technology allows you to market your websites or products using words that act like treasures. Words help you attract visitors to your website. Therefore article directories are getting popular by the day. People are digging for information left right and center.

Before submitting your articles to article directories, you must avoid 3 common mistakes that most people make:
Quality content
will lead them to the resource box

1. Don’t Make It Pushy
Make your articles informative and solution oriented. Any effort to push your products will be sensed by the omniscient readers of today.

Articles that offer solutions will be eagerly read by readers. Quality content will lead them to the resource box, which they will click for more details.
Use the right keywords...
without overusing them.

2. Don’t Overuse Your Keywords
Many enthusiastic writers tend to repeat their punch lines and their call for action. This produces a negative effect on readers. Use the right keywords and use them appropriately without overusing them.

See to it that the keywords are relevant to the context of the article. This will not only get you more visitors but also yield better search engine results.
...never promise
more than you can deliver.

3. Don’t Mislead Your Readers
Leading visitors to your website is just half the job. Keeping them there and making them act is the ultimate goal. Therefore never promise more than you can deliver.

Being taken to a website that displays irrelevant content is the biggest turn off. You will lose credibility immediately.

Helpful Tip: Find out what publishers want. All you need is one successful publisher who can transmit your content to thousands of readers at the bat of an eyelid.

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busstoped said...

Good tips,I hate when you read something that looks interesting and the you click the link only to see some crappy splash page. If you can write that well then why not write about something interesting I am Sick of Affilate based Articles that all I can get from them is a few E-Books full of Marketing Trash and less money in your Bank account

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