4 Keys to Writing Mesmerizing Content

Writing content is more than just putting down your thoughts on paper, or publishing it onto a website. Just cranking up an article for the heck of it will create no momentum.
'there are times
when you sit there like a dumb duck,
staring into thin air'
No matter how quick you are at conjuring up some lip smacking writing ideas, you will have to admit that there are times when you sit there like a dumb duck, staring into thin air.

What is to be done when you face the writer’s mind block?

1) Create a Thought Bank
A thought bank is nothing but a diary where you write down every noteworthy thought that comes to your mind. Remember that thousands of ideas cross your mind every hour- writing ideas that could serve as solutions, information and inspiration. If you don’t stop and write them down right then, they will escape the confines of your mind in no time.

So write them down. You don’t have to elaborate on them right away. Keep them handy and save them for a rainy day. If nothing else works, think about what drives you. What makes you tick? What are you passionate about? Get going with your writing ideas…
'what makes you tick?'
2) Create an Ambiance
Choose the time and place where you will write. Early mornings and late nights are the best. That’s the time when there are no phone calls, no chores and no kids to take care of.

Find an outdoor location where nature will stimulate your creative juices. If you write on your computer, keep your room free of all disturbances and distractions. Stay focused!

3) Choose a Direction
Brainstorm and write down everything that comes to your mind concerning that particular idea you want to write about.

Now, don’t let yourself stray. Give your article direction and purpose by thinking about what your readers want to read. Think of what will meet needs; what will provide solutions; what will bring happiness; what will uplift; what will give purpose; what will send them on their way satisfied.
'See it!
Feel it!
Write about it!'
4) Chisel Out Your Masterpiece
Now that you have a deposit of original writing ideas, you must rely on your ability to mold them into something worthwhile. Remember that you’ve done it before, and you’re going to do it again. You are Michelangelo and already have the statue of David to your credit. What’s next?

Write to create pictures in the minds of your readers. Use your creativity. See it! Feel it! Write about it! It will create the same effect on your readers.

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