Spanking Hot Tips to Make People Read Your Articles

The internet is all about content, content and content. However, there is too much to read.
'No one has the time these days!'
How will you make a rambling reader stay? How will a focused reader dig for more?

The problem is that no one loves to read through an entire article! No one has the time these days!

If getting the reader’s attention is one of your woes, it need not be! With the right direction and mindset, you can write articles that will keep readers glued. How? Here’s how…

Here are your SPANKING HOT tips to make people read your articles:

1) Keep It Short: Keep every paragraph short. For that matter, keep the entire article short. No paragraph must be longer than 3 to 5 sentences. Some one sentence paragraphs may be all that the reader may to get the point.
'Make it mind blowing
and not mind boggling'
2. Keep It Simple: Make it mind blowing and not mind boggling. Don’t throw in too many ideas. Stick to the main point. Too many points will keep your readers spinning. Reading must be a delight and not hard work. Use metaphors and illustrations to promote understanding of the topic.

3. Use an Attention Grabbing Title: The title is what makes the reader stop and explore, even though time at hand may be short. This is the bait that will get the reader hooked on to your article. Appeal to their wants and their desires; strike those heartstrings; give them answers…all in one line: The Title

4. Use Subheadings or Bulleted Points: Most readers skim through only the sub headings to get a taste of the pie. Sub headings will help you divide your article into neat bite sized pieces that are easy to chew on and digest. Let the sub headings proceed in a sequential and logical manner. This will give the reader the feeling that he is making good progress.

5. Add a Touch of Humor: Who doesn’t want to laugh a bit? Having your funny bone tickled feels good and enlightens your spirit. Humor will keep them reading from start to finish. Make reading a pleasurable experience for them.
'Don’t tell a plumber about a stethoscope,
and a doctor about a pipe wrench'
6. Make it Relatable: Don’t tell a plumber about a stethoscope, and a doctor about a pipe wrench. Articles that people can relate to and identify with are the most effective. They generate responses and clicks. Keep your tone warm and helpful.
If you add these six essential ingredients to your articles, you will have your readers coming back for another bite.
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