How to Rewrite an Article

Let me begin by saying that you must rewrite only your own copyrighted articles. Rewriting someone else’s articles amounts to plagiarism, and writers are known to be original dudes.

Now, why would someone want to rewrite an article? Doesn’t that sound silly? Once upon a time articles were written only to correct flaws and inconsistencies. Nowadays the reasons can be different.

Here are some reasons for rewriting your articles:
1) To post a different version of your original work on newsletters and other websites
2) To incorporate hot keywords into your existing articles and make them search engine friendly
3) To give your web content a new look
4) To improvise on your original article
'Don’t lose the message,
purpose and
the call for action'
Now a few tips on how to rewrite an article:
Read the entire article and make a note of the key points and important keywords.
Don’t lose the message, the purpose and the call for action.

1) Retain
a) The central idea
b) The essence and feel of the article
c) Important keywords

2) Recreate
a) The heading
b) The sub heading
c) The Illustrations, metaphors and analogies
d) The action lines

3) Rewrite
Now that you have the entire article in your mind, begin to rewrite the ideas paragraph by paragraph.

If you create new ideas see to it that they blend with the central idea without overpowering it. Feel free to change the style to suit a different clique of readers. It’s your article after all. Look for ways to improvise your original article

Each paragraph must contain no more than 3 to 5 sentences. Each paragraph must emphasize on only a single point. Every consecutive paragraph must follow in logical order and must build momentum.
'Emphasize on the message or
purpose of the original article'
Conclude by summarizing the entire article and providing information or solutions, whatever the purpose of the article may be. Emphasize on the message or purpose of the original article.


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